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We prefer parts that exceed manufacturer's standards, but all components are machined to exacting performances. We eliminate original manufacturer defects on known units, repair worn components and amend anything necessary to fulfill seemingly ludicrous standards.

We're not bragging. It's common knowledge in the after-market auto parts industry that fewer people are buying new cars. Instead, they are opting to maintain their vehicles by replacing parts or having them rebuilt. Competition is tough and our family wants to remain on top. We urge you to choose wisely amongst the plethora of so-called rebuilt engine experts.

The process of remanufacturing or rebuilding an engine is about a twelve to twenty step process depending upon the make/model of the originating vehicle. The vehicle identification number is the sole means of determining an automotive engine :

  • origin of manufacture
  • history
  • after-market modification needs
  • compatibility


The remanufacturing process begins with a gentle dismantling of the engine while looking cautiously for excessive wear, defects or those requiring special attention. While millions of engines are mass-produced each year, every engine develops its own character depending upon its environment, the driver and wear and tear.

Next, the engine and its parts undergo steam-cleaning and a determination for the work involved is set in addition to standard machining increasing integrity of structures and block boring and honing. When machining and tooling are complete, the engine is carefully re-assembled. From there, the work has really only begun. Once a bench test is performed, simple or major repairs result depending on the performance of the engine.

At this juncture, our machinists are inclined to toss any engine known to be problematic. This is where our judgment seemingly becomes ludicrous. Most problems are resolved, but it's good business to start anew than risk future problems. Stringent testing measures are performed utilizing digital and mechanical technology as well as hands-on testing throughout the process of rebuilding or remanufacturing an engine. Nothing beats a good eye. That's why we hire our own engineers and perform in-house machining.

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A large percentage of engine failures emanate from manufactured-in defects. When this happens, dealerships are not always keen on taking responsibility except in the case of death. Even then, the risk must be high. We find this appalling. However, an accurately rebuilt engine can provide a measure of safety protection greater than when it was originally manufactured (depending upon the make and model).

In these types of horrid scenarios, many of our clients endure the expense of engine replacement while continuing to fulfill their financial obligations on a car that is no longer running. This is one reason [Insert Name, Change Font] chose to slim-line business costs and lean our distributor lines. We tighten the notch by dealing with only respectable and reliable sources. You need your vehicle running while your bank account gasps for air.

This type of automotive necessity is serious business. Most auto parts distributors are inclined to take advantage of the consumer's hardship. They provide misleading information from sales representatives who don't know vehicles or they take advantage of the customer's sense of urgency and emotional state. If you're already bruised from such a tragedy, let All-Engines , our family-owned business be your advocate.

Does your vehicle need a new life and better gas mileage? Speak to one of our representatives, because you need a business that actually cares.

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