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Thank you for browsing our website. Are you needing a Jaguar engine? Welcome to our family-run business where you can buy any high caliber used petrol or diesel-fueled Jaguar auto engines. Jaguar is the epitome of grace and pinnacle of discrete powerful performance. We know you’ll agree there’s none other like it.

Extend the life of your Jaguar by buying one of our quality used Jaguar engines. We carry remanufactured Jaguar XK8, XJ8 or XJ6 engines, just to name a few. With proper care, your Jaguar will thrive one or two more generations. If the unthinkable has happened and it is experiencing engine failure; you may be worried about its replacement, how to acquire a replacement engine, worried about what warranties may come with it, and worried about the quality of the engine to arrive.


Warranties come with most all our used, rebuilt, or remanufactured engines. We also include a 100% money-back guarantee, setting ourselves apart from other engine dealers. It’s important to know the history, important to have engine backgrounds authenticated, and it’s important you only used a trustworthy auto engine dealer who performs all these tasks. Only in this way can a money-back guarantee ride along with the engines. All others rotating inventory for cash flow without considering quality.

You’re already out of pocket and will be with further with the cost of installation and your used Jaguar engine as a replacement. Keep it personal and responsible by calling us about your Jaguar’s needs. And if you need a used Jaguar transmission, we’re capable of provisioning those, too. It isn’t necessary to be bludgeoned by outrageous prices for the best used engines on the market. Here’s all we need:

1) Your Jaguar VIN
3) Potential Shop Address
5) Tell us which Jaguar part you need.

Then we’ll ship it proper, because you require a used-engine dealer that takes responsibility for your engine. We have been successfully shipping used engines and major auto components globally for three decades. Phone in to see available shipping prices, if any. If you need the right engine delivered the first time, phone us. Ford, Tata Motors or Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC originally manufactured all our Jaguar engines that we sell. Only OEM will do including their respective Jaguar power trains or other major components.


Machining and tooling experts are under our employ. This permits us flexibility to insure top-notch performance and curb costs. One of our own does the rebuild on the Jaguar engines. In this way, we can ensure bright technology and brilliant skill sets for the job. It doesn’t take a great deal of effort to look for more refined issues that might hinder engine longevity, but only experience produces.

*** Have Your Vehicle ID# and Shop Address When You Dial ***


Won’t you call, because you really need a used-engine dealer that gets it right?

If keeping your Jaguar alive and purring is your intent with a replacement engine, you’re at the right business. Bookmark our site. Check out some of the standard-production Jaguar engines beginning from production year 2002 and beyond. We specializing in selling used or rebuilt Jaguar engines for later model years, but you can also inquire about any remanufactured Jaguar engines from any of the earlier models.


Jaguar S - Type Engines for Sale: Specifications from 2002:

2002 to 2008 revealed the Jaguar XK platform in convertibles or coupes. It’s a GT model that originally sported a 4.0 liter Jaguar AJ V6 DOHC V8 engine, a specialized derivative of the Ford Duratec. 2.5 V6, 3.0 V6, 4.0 V8, 42 S V8 for the petrol-fueled Jaguar engines for their mid-sized car production. For the diesel-fueled Jaguar engines, Tata Motors manufactured a 2.7 V6 Jaguar engine. Transmissions from the manufacturer of Jaguar, Tata Motors, are enhanced with five or 6-speed automatic transmissions, a Mercedes-Benz 5G-Tronic (transmission) for the supercharged models (1998-2002).


Jaguar XJ – Series Engines for Sale:
2.7 liter AJD V6 Diesel-fueled
3.0 liter V6
3.5 liter AJ V8
4.2 liter AJ V8
4.2 liter Super Charged AJ V8
5.0 liter Gen III V8 and the supercharged version
3.0 liter V6 Diesel engine
2.0 liter R4 Petrol-fueled
3.0 liter Super Charged AJ V6

Jaguar XJR – Series Engines for Sale:
Frequently requested is a:
rebuilt 5.3 liter Original Jaguar V12 engine
3.0 liter V6
3.5 L AJV8
4.2 liter AJV8
4.2 liter AJV8 Super Charged
2.7 liter AJD V6 Diesel-fueled Jaguar engine
4.2 liter XK I6
2.8 liter XK I6

Jaguar XKR – Series Engines for Sale:
The Jaguar XKR series actually begins with 19987. And these engines are still humming through production:
4.0 liter AJ26/27 V8 (and the Super Charged version)
4.2 liter AJ34 V8 and its Super Charged version
Daimler Super 8 Jaguar engine

Note: Engines are subject to availability. Please call for availability.