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Congratulations. You made it this far, and we really appreciate you visiting. All you really want is a quality used Hyundai engine. Period. No expensive fluff. No wishy-washy details on a used engine. Because your Sonata engine is out, life is a circus ride. Your bank account is screaming. The dealer promised an engine replacement.

They want a lot of money. It’s not new. That ‘new’ Hyundai from the dealer? It’s a rebuilt Hyundai engine. Maybe that engine originally had few miles. Maybe they spent a bundle polishing. But why is it not in a car, right now? And it’s expensive, because it’s the dealer. Of course. You know the specs for a Hyundai engine rebuild is universal, right?

What you really want is an engine you can afford and one that will last. Without problems. We have access to high quality remanufactured Hyundai engines that are on sale. Some have few miles. And a warranty. And a money-back guarantee. And for thousands less than that ‘new’ engine. Because we see to these things. (Call with your Hyundai registration and your mechanic’s info to check on the availability of any used engine.)

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Automakers have caught on. They see people buying a used engine instead of signing a new car loan. They are hanging their logos over remanufacturing plants all over the US. You can’t blame them. But their rebuilt engines and components are too expensive. Because they’re the dealer. Of course. So here you are, taking control to find a used or remanufactured Hyundai engine without the insulting dealer prices. After you’ve already paid a lot of money just to get where you are now.

Why take risks? Some auto models have inherent problems. That’s means the OEM replacement engine or component was wrong from the get-go. It happens. Your Hyundai engine wasn’t lost to this reality. The truth is, most automakers won’t admit mistakes unless a lot of people can get hurt. Maybe you’re needing a used engine because it’s just worn or you want better gas mileage.


Or maybe some careless driver T-boned you on the way to work taking your engine out. But, if the manufacturer got something wrong, does it make sense to fork out your persistence, your cash, your future funds for one of their engines? At a rate thousands more than you can get from us?


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Get your original gas mileage back. The rebuild process corrects flaws. Experienced CNC lathe or water laser techniques and physical and digital maneuvers refine engine performances. That means you can to put your foot to the floor and pump less gas. And under your care it should last more than a decade, or longer before your Hyundai engine needs a major repair. That’s equivalent a new car at a fraction of the usual cash freeze.


Cheap, because that’s what you really need right now. Only top-notch machinists and a good used engine help you forget this nightmare. 30 years experience. Family owned. We answer the phone, so you don’t do the cha-cha with a different sales rep every time you call.

Still worried? We offer a money-back guarantee to halt that mind bend.

If your internet search includes sourcing a used or rebuilt Hyundai power train, you guessed it. You’re here. If your Hyundai transmission is giving you fits, we rebuild Hyundai Sonata transmissions, too and sell used Hyundai transmissions. So bookmark our site. We have many ready to ship out anywhere in the contiguous US and Canada. On our dime. (We ship globally, but call for pricing.)

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You can order securely under our care. Have your Hyundai VIN and the shop address with you. Scroll down to check out some pony power on Hyundai power trains. It might be faster to call with your Hyundai VIN. We won’t pressure you.