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Are you searching for a used Land Rover Discovery engine? Or are you needing a used engine for any other model in the Land Rover line of luxury sport utility vehicles? If you’re challenged in replacing the engine in your Land Rover, welcome to the used-engine source, because you've chosen to save money. We like saving that money for you. The last thing you need is to pay too much.


Our family at finds the engine that is right for your Rover, but we also guarantee its quality. We sell rebuilt engines or remanufactured engines, but we also sell used Land Rover transmissions and their transfer cases. The same guarantee applies to any major auto component and there are varieties of warrantees to choose for rebuilt Land Rover engines. The remananufactured Land Rover engines have the greatest warranty, for example and some used engine models can be covered, too. It's important to know which you need and its availability.

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Your VIN is key. Top it with a personal guarantee and then get FREE shipping. Don’t get stuck with a bad remanufactured engine, don’t speak with wishy-washy sales personnel or sign any unclear financing terms. Get three decades experience from one of our power train specialists. Have your needs met with care. Get a used fully tested and with our approval. And get FREE shipping to the US and Canada.


Call in with your Land Rover VIN and ship-to address for the lowest rates in the industry.Is your Land Rover Discovery stuck on a ski slope in Colorado? Did your Range Rover experience engine failure on the interstate in Utah? We can help deliver a replacement engine fast for any Land Rover model you have. You can return to your former activities very quickly.


Whether you’re on the rolling green landscapes of Tennessee or the Coast in North Carolina, ships the right engine on time. On many occasions you can spot us ready to ship replacement engines for the likes of a 2003 Land Rover to Georgia, Colorado or Alabama. Other model automotive engines are ready to ship to Europe, South Africa or the remote reaches of Belize or anywhere across the globe. We’re ready when you need it the most. All it takes to get set up is your Land Rover VIN and potential freight-to address.


Whether the Liverpool plant manufactured your 4-wheel drive or the Alabama plant put it together, we source the right power train components, provide a guarantee and ship it to the US and Canada on our dime. And we do it fast. All components are guaranteed OEM quality and more. They were either manufactured by Jaguar Land Rover or Land Rover US.


Is your Rover a military version? That’s not a problem for our advanced technology capable of digging around the globe for the lowest rate on the major auto component you need. Do you have more than one auto under service? Multiple quotes are FREE and so is our time. You have greater things to do than play telephone rugby, and you need your Rover running to make things happen. Get the straight up from In most cases, your engine is ready to ship from amongst our stores of more than 16,000 units. Bookmark our site. Check out our rates before you go.

*** Have Your Vehicle ID# and Shop Address When You Dial ***