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Whether you're looking for a fuel-efficient used Ford Inline-3 engine that is turbocharged, a used Ford Trinity V8 engine with port injection found in a Shelby GT500, then you’re at the best webpage for the lowest prices and most reliable services in the after-market auto parts industry. Welcome to [INSERT NAME, change font] where our family-owned business continues to raise the bar for customer satisfaction at truly low rates on any used Ford engine.


Our family-run business, [INSERT NAME, change font], insists upon accountability and reliability. Our secure database affords the widest array of available Ford engines than any in the industry. We choose to invest our time with you ensuring your satisfaction for quality and affordability.

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The Ford 5.0L V8 engine (Coyote50), voted Ward’s Best in 2012 is just one amongst our warehouse of more than 15,000 units ready for shipping. All remanufactured Ford engines or rebuilt Ford engines come with specified warranties depending upon your selection and the actual mileage of the unit. Dependable, reliable, and shipping are always FREE.


Whether you’ve fashioned a DIY modular creation or are restarting an old car for the teen.....or you just need to handle your affairs at the lowest possible price, our family provisions with every imaginable security measure so you can take care of business without being manhandled by the industry one representative at a time. With us, only one phone call and only one representative handle your affairs.

You save thousands with our business model of low overhead and a streamlined distributorship. It brings customers to us without expensive advertising. We stand strong while other distributors buckle under over-burdened warehouse full of undesirables.


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Whether you’re stuck on the ski slopes in Canada or the dessert in Saudi Arabia, our services are unmatched for accuracy, timeliness and dependability. We forge only reliable sources for automotive engine provisions and are determined to maintain the highest standards from acquisition of the engines to ordering and, then, delivery.

Even after nearly three decades, our customers can speak directly with our automotive technicians who know their engines. Highly qualified technicians perform all tooling in-house. We monitor the work closely ridding the shelves of anything but the most reliable engines. Moreover, all is performed without increasing the rates for our clients in one of the US’s most difficult financial climates.

Won’t you call us today for your Ford engine to see how much you can save? Below you can click a link to the Ford model of your choice to find further information. If you cannot find what you’re looking for you can always call us toll FREE

Any engine with its cylinders atop the crankshaft should thank the original Cadillac V8 engine developed under General Motors guidance around 1915. Eight generations of V8s followed. GM’s mass production set the stage for the automotive manufacturing and the traditional crankshaft. Cadillac models exploded onto the roadways bringing with them interchangeability of components.

These platforms provide wide options for consumers needing rebuilt, remanufactured or used Cadillac engines shipped direct. It can also cause difficulty when they are not handled by experienced technicians. has nearly three decades business experience in the after-market auto parts industry to ease your worries. Your Cadillac’s VIN is but a beginning. It determines your model’s individual platform and engine specification. It identifies the original manufacturing plant, the specific engine slated for your make and model and we can trace nearly every engine issued on the market with those specifications.

They’re probably not all related to a Cadillac model, but a perfect fit engine with the knowledge of a certified automotive technician performing the installation. Thanks to Cadillac’s original inspiration, this is true for most makes and models on the market, today. From there only experienced automotive technicians – like the ones we employ – can pull an overhaul or replace and engine without struggle.

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