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Welcome to for premier acquisitions of superb used and rebuilt BMW engines. Our family employs teams of automotive technicians and machinists. They’re available to assist in completing any order for a used engine necessary for your engine overhaul or replacement with a high quality used or remanufactured BMW engine, transmission, or power train. At costs far lower than dealer prices, quality isn’t sacrificed.


Achieve your goals on a BMW engine with lower mileage, a firm warranty and attach our 100% money-back guarantee. Buying a used engine can be worrisome with so many third-party engine distributors online and across the United States. Their goal is routing crated engines across the states and claims it good. Often, no designated technician checks the contents of the crates arriving on the docks. The goal isn’t just that engine. The goal regards you or your clients person needs. It’s about getting your BMW back on the road again in top-notch condition to last one or two more generations. That requires personal attention.

*** Have Your Vehicle ID# and Shop Address When You Dial ***


And for a Bimmer, that’s a good idea. The 2011 BMW X5 is anticipated to retain a whopping 44% of its value by 2016. Most BMW models have similar retention. From this point on, your focus should be upon genuine BMW engines and whether they are authentic, whether their histories have been verified and whether any fraud has been eliminated. For that, you need a trustworthy used engine dealer. After almost three decades, our family has seen it all.


Our advocacy with consumers causes us to be the number one provider for individuals and small shops. Still, our technology competes with competitors, but we use it rightly. Instead of cowering behind the technology, we use it as a tool scrubbing for the best rates on great engines. Your engine is probably resting amongst 15,000 units in our warehouse ready to ship. Just call with your BMW VIN and the mechanic’s address to forge its destiny, at least, another generation. It’s a smart move that compliments your own legacy.


Our services include every imaginable BMW model. Amongst a broad array of rebuilt BMW luxury sedans engines is a need for a wider variety of BMW engines, transmissions and power trains. We provision gasoline-fueled or diesel-fueled versions for these and more:

BMW Luxury Sedans and coupes,
BMW Luxury Full-size,
BMW Convertibles (Cabriolet)
BMW Motorcycles
BMW Compact Crossover Sport Utility Vehicle/ Sports Activity Vehicle
BMW Sedan / Wagon
Sports Roadster
BMW High Performance Versions of Sedan and Coupes
BMW Powered Forumula 1 Vehicles
BMW Powered Touring Cars
BMW Powered Hybrid
Rolls Royce


It’s important to fully research sources and available options. Bookmark our site. Call in for a quick FREE quote before heading out. Our personalized service and guarantee are exceptional amongst the industry and we provide it with no greater expense upon our customers. We’re sharp this way. You can click below into a link indicating your model BMW for more information. Don’t see your model? Give us a free call. Custom BMW engine? For the best assistance, provide your specs to one of our expert technicians.