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Think you're buying a new transmission? Think again. In general, the original manufacturer might perform the rebuild, but chances are that's what you're getting for a 'new' transmission. Most are engineered and designed to last and replacement is only required when gears are stripped by a driver such as a teenager learning to drive or damage from an accident. Therefore, dealers are not interested in investing money to manufacture transmissions and pay for their housing until they are sold.

They rebuild existing and sell them as 'new' with a price tag to match. Some transmissions are lemons born of bad engineering. This is the worst-case scenario causing some to replace transmissions on a vehicle still under a loan. Finding imagined fault with the driver, dealerships skip financial responsibility pitting the driver to shell out thousands for a 'new' unit from the company pitting them into a financial corner.

Don't buy from the dealer, because we can shave thousands off the purchase price. Our family-owned business with more than twenty-five years in the after-markets auto parts industry advocates for you. We'll find the transmission that works best and save you thousands in the process. Bring your vehicle's identification number to the discussion to find the perfect option. You'll find the prices far cheaper than those direct from the dealer.

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A key component of any vehicle's operability, rebuilt transmissions increase the life of the vehicle, ease the driving experience of older cars, and provide safety. Most rebuilds are successful. Thousands of transmissions are ready to ship. If youre considering shocking life into your old car with the reliable transmission, we have the price you need.

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