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We're not an ordinary after-market parts distributor. Setting the benchmark for the industry is tough work and often keeps us out of the limelight. After twenty-five years of filling the warehouse with more than fifteen thousand high-quality units, the road to success contained a few potholes. What we learned is to be meticulous, diligent and issue the highest expectations from everyone within our business, from acquisition managers and everyone in between.

In this way, customers are happy, customers are ensured delivery of authentic used automotive parts, and they get it all with the lowest rates and a guarantee. Meanwhile, our business was restructured to withstand tough financial climates. The business has never been better.

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Beginning with the 'monoblock' in the first Ford V8 engine, automotive enthusiasts have been rubbing their knuckles anticipating the next more-powerful engine from automotive manufacturers. Each line-up came with better displacements and cheaper materials. Lighter, bigger and stronger was the demand. This passion has been the lubricant to American's perpetual diet of new cars.

This attitude is so pervasive it's residual, even in harsh economic climates. Obtaining keys to a new car is a right of passage. Maintaining investments in valuable cars is the definition of American sensibility and liberty. Driving at top speeds on the highway equates to freedom. Route 66 is living proof. Only a drastic change in household income can hinder these American automotive ideals. This has begun. So, we made changes.

Statistics from 2011 sales in the industry see a rise in after-market parts purchases and fewer consumers buying new cars. And the economy for auto manufacturers is not looking up. More drivers are maintaining instead of buying new cars and the trend is expected to continue. This new market trend birthed advocacy groups like The Coalition for Auto Repair Quality (CARE) are demanding automakers to loosen their grip on proprietary tools and equipment.

Weary of dealership prices, drivers revert to independent automotive specialists demanding lower costs only to discover the right of repair is limited to the original manufacturer. Studies also revealed new business applications slated for the remanufacturing and rebuilding of auto parts.

They're springing up all over the US. Competition is already tough. We expect difficulty for consumers in years to come, too. And it will be harder for most after-market parts suppliers to continue breathing financially, much less assure quality parts- if they don't have the right business model.


Our response was to streamline distribution, simplify delivery and handling while stripping bloated overhead that was adding to the unit cost. In anticipation of the market movement, we simplified the business model. Then, we cut back expenses to provide lower prices and better quality parts and services while meeting market demands.

We envision our business to withstand, to maintain reliability under the highest standards while issuing used engines, transmissions, transfer cases, and power trains at the industry's lowest prices. Finally, offering free delivery, money-back guarantees, and hands-on service tied in for superb customer experience.

An anticipated rise in demand for after-market parts wouldn't be realistic without considering risk for the consumer and businesses. According to the International Trade Association in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Transportation, the top international contributors to the introduction of counterfeit rebuilt automotive parts to the United States are China, Malaysia, India, Thailand, and Japan.

We have our work cut out. Thwarting bad engines, routing out suspicious vehicular histories, and avoiding counterfeit parts is our job. Our customers have come to rely upon our family's diligence and perseverance.

Call us with the identification number for your vehicle and with any shop addresses. We are certain you'll be pleased with our help whether you need remanufactured engines, used transmissions, or used power trains.

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