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Used Oldsmobile Engines for Sale

Welcome to where you can buy any used Oldsmobile gasoline-fueled auto engine or used diesel Oldsmobile engines for your car. Expensive doesn't need to be part of the deal. Our massive warehouse with 16,000 units or more of major auto components includes rebuilt Oldsmobile engines and remanufactured Oldsmobile engines, too.


These were either rebuilt or remanufactured by our own specialist so we can keep a close eye on quality. So call with your Oldsmobile vehicle identification number and your shop address or your mechanic's address, today. You'll receive the lowest rates in the industry and select from available warranties. You'll gain a personal-money back guarantee on the quality of your used engine from our family-owned business.


Coupled with the experience of a certified technician, your Oldsmobile engine can run like new, again. Need financing? We have a plethora of options to explore. We take the time to explain them with transparency.



We carry complete used Oldsmobile power trains and the individual units such as used Oldsmobile transmissions, too. If your Oldsmobile Cutlass is in need of a remanufactured engine to extend its life, we're the greatest source for reliability at low costs. Our very own technicians remanufacture and rebuild engines to painstaking processes.

Only in this way can be guarantee our products and services. Universal standards apply whether it is one of our own or one from the manufacturer. There's no difference, except in price. We have the lowest prices. In fact, experienced personnel within the after-market auto parts hold the real experience for your used Oldsmobile engine.

Because we're familiar with handling used engines – not in making them. Whether you're needing a used Oldsmobile Cutlass engine or an Oldsmobile Alero engine or any other model, your stop is with our family-owned business.


*** Have Your Vehicle ID# and Shop Address When You Dial ***



Do you need a rebuilt Oldsmobile Quad4 V8 engine? They're rebuilt for reliability. And we offer the guarantees on any remanufactured Oldsmobile Quad4 V8 engine or the engine of your needs. In this way, future problems won't be an issue. You can trust your engine will run smoothly.


You can buy any Oldsmobile engine of the size and displacement you need or select from a variety of affordable choices. We offer warranties on all rebuilt and remanufactured engines, and on most of our used engines. It's not uncommon to find a later model Oldsmobile engine that has been slightly used. And one with very few miles. You can get one of these used engines with low mileage and put another generation on the life of your car! All we need to get started is your VIN.